How to Build a Potato Cannon

How to Build a Potato Cannon

How to Build a Potato Cannon.

There are many recipes for making the legendary potato cannon, but i will give you the formula that has worked best for me. First you will need supplies.

  • 36 inches of 2 inch diameter schedule 40 pvc pipe.
  • 3 to 2 inch diameter pvc reducing bushing
  • 14 inches of 3 inch diameter schedule 40 pvc pipe
  • 1 can of pvc primer
  • 1 can of pvc cement
  • electric drill (and a bit)
  • 3 inch diameter threaded pvc end cap
  • 3 inch coupling, one side smooth, one side threaded
  • dowel or broomstick
  • hairspray (or some other aerosol like bug spray or deoderant)
  • potatoes
  • whatever safety gear you want to use (safety glasses, earplugs, etc.)
  • BBQ Igniter (the ones with the red push button that makes a clicking noise when you press it).

When you buy the pvc its most likely going to be in larger lengths than specified so first you should cut them to length. After this is done it is very simple. You prime all the pipe first and follow the instructions on the can of primer. Once thats done cement the 2 inch pipe to the 3 to 2 inch bushing. You then cement the 3 inch part of the bushing to the 3 inch pipe. Next cement the coupling’s smooth side onto the 3 inch pipe. You should wait 24 hours (or however long it says on the can of pvc cement) before doing anything else with your cannon. While your cannon is drying, its time to hook up your firing assembley. You drill a hole ( i drilled mine 5/16 but you should make it smaller and work up until the 2 wires from your bbq igniter can just barely fit through) in the threaded endcap right in the middle. You then feed the cables of your igniter through the hole and hook them up so that the sparking mechanism is on the inside and the button is on the outside. To fire the cannon, you simply load a potato down the front (it probably wont fit so just push hard until the edges of the potato are cut of by the pipe) and ram it to the bushing. You than spray hairspray in the breach ( I usually spray approx. four seconds, but you will have to experiment) and quickly screw on the endcap. All you then have to do is press the button and let the potato fly!

I am not responsible for anything you do with this information. This is for education purposes only.

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